Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII DUO

Apollo Twin MKII DUO

Universal Audio is one of the leading companies for music audio interfaces. These interfaces are used in some of the top studios and is almost a standard in the music industry. There are rack-sized modules available, such as the Apollo , however one of the best values will be the Universal Audio Twin MKII DUO. The Apollo Twin DUO provides the same level of clarity and sound quality from it’s larger brothers, but in a small, well-built, portable option. A lot of producers use the lower end interfaces, such as the Focusrite Scarletts and the $200 and below offerings from Steinburg, but when finally upgrading to the Apollo, the difference is night and day. The Apollo interfaces also unlocks your ability to utilize the highly popular UAD plugins in your projects; and these plug-ins are nothing short of AMAZING.