Macbook Pro (2.7GHz Core i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, OS X El Capitan

There seems to be a ‘standard’ in the music and creative industry that you’re not really official until you pull a Macbook Pro  from your backpack and start working. Although, there are several perfectly fine PCs out there, the Macbook Pro is definitely the way to go for a music producer in almost any situation. It is a portable powerhouse and allows you to get your work done in larger studios, home studios or even while out and about. The battery life is one of the best I’ve yet to come across and you can comfortably expect to get through most (if not all) of your day’s work without being tethered to a power cable the way the competition requires. Install the native Apple music software/DAW, Logic Pro X, for only $199 and you are ready to create amazing music. The i5 processor in this particular model is great for most producers/engineers, however there are i7 Macbook Pro options available if you frequently use excessive numbers of audio tracks and VST/AU plugins.


Macbook Pro